Curb Side Pick up or Drop off Site Available

Curb Side Pickup

Click here to view map of Clear Lake Recycling Schedule for Curb-side pickup.

Click here to print a full brochure showing garbage and recycling programs for Clear Lake residential customers.

Recycling collection is provided twice a month.  Place recyclable items at curbside by 7 a.m.
Absolute Waste Removal observes the following holidays only:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This will result in a one day delay of your garbage or recycling pickup.

See below "What can I recycle" section for details on what can be recycled and how to package items.

Recycling Center

Self-Serve Recycling Center  

Clear Lake is excited to now offer a self-serve recycling center located at the City's Public Works facility at 1419 2nd Ave S.


GLASS:  Clear glass food and beverage containers can be recycled.  Residents need to remove any caps or rings from these containers and then rinse the container clean before it can be recycled.  Labels do not have to be removed.

GLASS THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED:  Colored glass, dishes, ceramics, ovenware, windows, and mirrors cannot be recycled.

TIN AND ALUMINUM CANS:  Metal food and beverage cans are recyclable.  Residents need to remove any paper labels from these containers and then rinse the container clean before it can be recycled.

CANS THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED:  Aerosol cans, paint cans, or any metal cans that have contained petroleum products cannot be recycled.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS:  Plastic containers which have any code # (1-7) inside three arrows on the bottom of the container are recyclable.  Containers must have a neck (be in the shape of a bottle or jug).  Typically, these include natural and colored plastic containers such as milk, water, orange juice, liquid detergent, bleach and shampoo bottles.  Remove caps and rings and discard those in the trash.  Please rinse containers prior to recycling.

PLASTIC CONTAINERS THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED:  Oil and antifreeze containers, ice cream containers, margarine tubs, plastic bags and Styrofoam.

NEWSPAPERS AND PHONE BOOKS:  Clean, dry newspaper with inserts and phone books are recyclable.

MAGAZINES:  Glossy, glue back or stapled bound magazines are recyclable.

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD AND PAPERBOARD:  Paperboard is gray in appearance and is used as a food container, such as cereal, cracker, and cake mix boxes.  This type of material, along with corrugated cardboard, is recyclable.


ELECTRONIC WASTE ITEMS:  The following electronic waste items must be hauled separately, require additional stickers and a phone call to Absolute Waste Removal is required for pickup:  computer monitor, copier, TV (25 inches or under; larger TVs are too heavy for one person to lift). 

The following 2 electronic waste items require  additional stickers and a phone call is required for pickup: 
  • printer
  • fax machine
The following electronic wastes are also, in part, recyclable and may be hauled to the Landfill by residents at no cost.  If placed in the trash cans or bags, they will be disposed of with regular trash.    Stickers are required ONLY if you exceed the maximum of two 32-gallon cans or bags: 
  • computer processor (tower)
  • keyboard and mouse
  • radio
  • VCR, DVD player
  • stereo equipment
  • telephone and cell phone

WHEN AND WHERE ARE THE RECYCLABLES TO BE PLACED FOR RECYCLING?  Absolute Waste Removal  will  provide  recycling  material  collection  twice  each  month  on  the  days specified on the MAP shown inside this pamphlet.  Residents need to place their recyclable items at the curbside by 7:00 a.m.

WHERE CAN I GET THE CLEAR, SEE-THRU PLASTIC BAGS AND ARE THERE ANY LIMITS IN THE AMOUNT OR NUMBER OF RECYCLABLES SET OUT EACH COLLECTION PERIOD?  Residents can purchase clear, see-through plastic bags from many local and area stores, in a variety of sizes.  There are no limits to the number of recycling bags or bundles that you can set out for collection … in fact, the more you set out, the better.

HOW ARE THE RECYCLABLE MATERIALS TO BE SEPARATED?  Residents need to place clear glass containers, tin and aluminum containers, and plastic containers in a clear plastic see-through bag.  Newspapers and phone books, magazines, corrugated cardboard and paperboard need to be placed in separate bundles and tied together with a string or twine:  (1) newspapers and phone books combined in one bundle, (2) magazines in another bundle, and (3) corrugated cardboard and paperboard combined in another bundle (flattening corrugated cardboard and paperboard boxes will aid in bundling them together).  Flattened cardboard and paperboard may also be placed in a medium size box with flaps.  When box is full of flattened cardboard, fold flaps over the top.  Tie closed, if necessary. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Because our recycler will not accept wet paper recyclables, place bundles in a clear bag to keep them dry on rainy collection days, or wait until the next collection day to set out for collection.

CAN I PLACE RECYCLABLE ITEMS LOOSE IN A BIN OR TRASH CAN?  In order to save on collection costs, Absolute Waste Removal has developed a method that utilizes a garbage truck to collect the recyclables.  This method requires that glass, cans, and plastic be confined together (the plastic bag keeps these items together) and that paper products be bundled and tied (this process keeps like-paper products together and saves you paying for sorting at the recycler's facility).  For these reasons only recyclables in plastic bags and bundled paper will be collected.  Additionally, our recycler will only take clean recyclable material and the plastic see-through bag will ensure that only acceptable material is sent to the recycler (we have to pay for disposal costs of unacceptable materials sent to the recycling facility).  Therefore, if the recyclable materials are not placed at the curbside in the appropriate clear bag or bundle and/or if the material is not clean, the entire bag will not be picked up and a note will be attached explaining why.
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